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Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Filter

In the year 2007, we designed, and manufactured, the first of its kind unique Rainwater Harvesting Filter called Rainy. Even though this technology gained wide acceptance among the cross section of people and Industry, we observed certain drawbacks like, to a certain degree there was consumer resistance towards the cost of the filter in a developing Country like India. We also observed a very important fact that as a result of global warming, the weather pattern was erratic with sudden downpours and cloud bursts and in such situations of torrential rains, the filter was incapable of handling heavy loads, resulting in wastage of precious water. The minimum filter operating head required was 0.23kg/cm2, (8 Feet) for optimum performance of the filter which could not be matched because of the low roof housing structures in a majority of rural households.

After careful analysis, and continuous research and development, in the year 2011, we made a revolutionary breakthrough in Designing a Technology with respect to Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Filters based on the working principle of cohesion and centrifugal force. These heavy duty Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting filters are so designed; keeping in mind the capture of rainfall loads varying from 5mm to 75mm/hour without affecting the efficiency of filter and the operating required less than 0.06 kg/cm2 (2feet) so the filter can perform even in low Roof areas. The design, stability and filter function efficiency is directly proportional to the intensity of rainfall. Different models of filters were set in place to capture rainwater from varied rooftops. This brought in affordability, to all cross sections of households and Industry.